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Call for Submissions

Hi horror writers.

We run a scary story bar in Gainesville, Florida.


We love haunted houses.



Halloween-themed drinks and snacks under a cluster of canopies, bathed in moonlight.


The gimmick: ours is inside out. The jump scares and shock-and-awe props all live outside. (Maybe it's fairer to call it a haunted house playground. One tent )


Actually, we bill ourselves as a 

But the basic formula is the same: dark maze populated with fear-inducing stimuli. Shock and awe walkthroughs to test mettle and pump blood.

We LOVE haunted houses. The feeling of stepping into a world of monsters. Like your TV is looking back at you.

This is something different.


It's a haunted house...if you mean that you expect to walk through a dark maze peppered with fear-inducing stimuli.

It's a laboratory because we're

We spend our year sowing seeds. Come and see what grew.







Haunted House Laboratory /

Beer / Wine / Mocktail Bar

Hi. We really, really love haunted houses. To us, stepping into

But we bet that haunted houses can be more than that.

This is our haunt lab - we'll experiment with new ideas and emotions and technologies. We don't know what's going to happen.

Come and see?

It's a party, too - we've got photo ops, games, a seance room, riddles to solve, and a stupid cool fog cannon. Come play.



We finally saved up enough money to make one...but it turned out weird.

Apparently, what we really wanted to create is a test kitchen for horror. That's what this is.

You'll be blindfolded.

If you live, there's an all-ages bar. Beer, wine, special boozy concoctions, special non-boozy concoctions, mocktails, and snacks.

Free popcorn. And sometimes we'll have food trucks.

We love haunted houses.

We're fear gardeners. Every year, we sow a new batch of seeds.


Come and see what grew this year.

It's weird. Come see.


love a good spooky maze - haunted attractions


It's an outdoor, pop-up thing - just a cluster of canopies, framed by a fence, bathed in moonlight.

We want your stories!



Inside the tent, guests equip lab safety goggles (frosted to obscure vision) and sets of wireless “silent disco” headphones. Then, following a guide rope, they walk along a path while listening to a fictional story performed by a full cast of voice actors. A suite of tactile and olfactory effects bring the story to life.

Theme: killer plants and corporate corruption.

We'll sell physical paperback copies (self-published via Amazon KDP) at the bar - one of the stories will be the one they just heard. The rest...well, that's up to you :)

We'll sell on Kindle, too.

Our moonshot dream:

$0.05 p/word plus royalties.

You won't be writing in our IP. If we don't select your story, you won't be bound up with our stuff.

One story to be optioned for the immersive experience - full cast of actors and real life sets. Haunted house walkthrough.

But here's our world in a nutshell:

Kojo Biotech.

We want diverse voices. We'll have a diverse cast of readers, too.

Multiple waves. First BIPOC, LGBTQ, Women. Then open calls.

We're looking for horror stories with a unique twist. Down here in swampy Florida, we've created a haunted attraction involving killer plants called Gainesville Fear Garden. Kojo Biotech is a company that discovered a new species of carnivorous plants in a sinkhole that opened in the middle of North Central Florida. We're looking for original stories in this universe that terrify us. Give us your scariest stories involving killer plants and corporate corruption!

Hi. We're a pop-up haunted house research lab that's also a beer and wine bar. 

In 2022, we debuted with this.

In 2023, we'll premier a massively upgraded Version 2.0.

Bigger, weirder, scarier.

Want an heads-up (via email or SMS) when we're about to open up ticket sales? (Last year, most nights sold out.)

Success! You're on our list now. We'll send you a secret link to pre-sale tickets at least a week before we tell the rest of the world :)

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